Monday, 3 May 2010

The Dragonrider!

Hi champs! Here's a dragonrider design I've been working on lately. I'll gladly do different passes and visual ideas if anyone has any good ideas to share!

Go tigers!


  1. Hi sport!

    That dragon is looking damn fine. The proportions look a lot better now. Keep it up you little scamp!

  2. Nice man, just one thing. Is that colour or texture variation running down the top jaw of the dragon? It makes it look like the jaw is made of a different material, almost like a birds beak.

  3. Cheers Stu, and thanks Baj - well pointed out. I'll give it a fixing pass and update it here then :)

  4. That dragon looks super cool man! nice atmosphere you've got going on in there also. Nice work ;-)