Saturday, 7 August 2010

Four Centaurs of the Apocalypse - Death

Calling this one done for now.

If I ever find the time, I might have a crack at the other three however with ZBrush 4 on the horizon and the GA Comicon competition coming up soon I might not get any free time for a while which is why im leaving this at sculpt stage for now. Most of the time was spent on determining the actual design than the sculpting.


  1. Nice work Baj! Really impressive.

  2. Pretty damned sweet Baj, and the design is crackin'. Really like the whole feel of it, proportions and all are pretty decent! Love the weapon too. Noice.

  3. Really nice Baj... your sculpting skillz are improving fast and your leaving us all behind! I'm going to have to catch up! But on a serious note I love all the details and the armour!