Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Hi guys,

I thought I should post something here as well - since scribbles are still going on at home :) This is just a quick Ork sketch - not sure if I want to take it further or not. It is pretty stereotypical in terms of design, so would need a bit of attention on that front.

Ps. Yes, the teeth are placeholder.


  1. Its about time. Mr happy face!!.

  2. Nice work Ras! Very inspiring... makes me want to fire up Z-Brush :D... if I knew how to use it

  3. Nice one mate, one thing i would say is build the gums and teeth on an extra layer to see how the lips would work around it (like you did with the eyes). Another crit i would make is the top of the head could be lower, make him look as though he'd have a smaller brain, otherwise cool stuff :)