Friday, 3 December 2010

Squad Support Mech


This just flowed from start to finish. I think this is one of the first pieces of work I have ever done where it didn't feel like I'd made any fundamental mistakes early on or anything that troubled me throughout. Really pleased with it!

Squad Support Mech-12 Mark III "Guardian".

It's a lightly armoured Mech designed to operate amongst infantry. It's standard armament features two double-barrelled plasma cannons on each arm. These are modular and the load out can be changed depending on what's required for a particular mission. It also supports smoke , chaff, flare and drone launching capabilities. It can be piloted or set to autopilot for guard and patrol purposes.

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  1. Hello I really like your mechs if you are interested I would like to use them for a game that is going online soon. please let me know